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A chance for Raducu! (in his struggle with autism)


Let’s help Raducu to be a normal kid, to be able to understand us and make himself understood, to be independent and go to a regular school. Raducu is almost 8,3 years old and has autism. To be a normal child he needs to be on recovery therapy.  For this he needs almost 4500 lei monthly (1000  euro/month, approx 12,000 euro/year) for his recovery therapy. Without this he could reach a state of severe retardation.

Please help us give Raducu a chance to a normal life. You can DONATE in the account “ Asociatia LUPTAM IMPOTRIVA AUTISMULUI – L.I.A.”, RO 35 BTRL 04301205U39189 XX lei,

and for euros: RO 10 BTRL 04304205U39189 XX €, SWIFT: BTRL RO 22 BBA, beneficiary “ Asociatia LUPTAM IMPOTRIVA AUTISMULUI – L.I.A.”, bank branch Mihai Bravu, adresa: Sos. Mihai Bravu nr. 290, sector 3, Bucharest, ROMANIA.